10 DIY Ways to Remove Scratches from Wooden Furniture

Sometimes, that obnoxious scratch in your wooden furniture can disappoint you. However, there is no reason to feel sad because you can now use some simple ways to remove those unwanted scratches from your wooden furniture. In fact, if you live in Austin and are at a loss every time you look at that irritating scratch, it is time to stop worrying. All you need to do is identify a quality furniture restoration company in Austin, Texas and get the professional repairmen to give your damaged furniture its lost glory back. Thus, you no longer need to get a new piece of furniture or spend a huge sum on their repair.

In case you want to take the DIY route for furniture repair to remove scratches from your wooden pieces, here are some ways to do it:

                              Before                                                         After








Way 1

If you have a small scratch, mix equal amounts of lemon juice, vegetable oil or olive oil. Rub this mixture generously with a lint cloth in the direction of the scratch until the scratch is no longer visible.

Way 2

To hide the scratch easily in your wooden furniture, you can use nutmeat. You have to rub the meat of a nut in the direction of the scratch. For this, you can use a Brazil nut, walnut, almond or pecan.

Way 3

Furniture repair is an art. If you master it, you can save those unnecessary expenditures. In case you want to darken a light-colored scratch in your wooden furniture, you have to place coffee grounds at the end of the Q-tip and go on rubbing it lightly. However, you need to wait a few hours before you give your furniture the next coat.

Way 4

Tea bags are common in most homes. You just have to dip a black tea bag in hot water for a few minutes. Once this is done, you need to dab tea on the area of the scratch with a piece of cotton. It is important to wipe the excess tea. You can carry on the process as long as the tea matches the surface color.

Way 5

An easy way to take care of lighter scratches is to get hold of an eyebrow pencil that is similar to the color of the scratch. You need to rub the pencil in the direction of the scratch till the time the actual scratch gets hidden.

Way 6

If you can get hold of a crayon that is similar to the color of your furniture, you can easily use it to fill in the scratch. The best thing about crayons is that you can remove them with ease.

Way 7

Did you know that iodine could be of great help to repair a scratch in your wooden furniture? You just have to paint iodine in the scratch area with a brush and allow it dry. You need to start off with a lighter shade. However, when you use iodine on light color wood, you should remember to dilute it with denatured alcohol.

Way 8

Just as shoe polish is sometimes used for leather repair, you can use it on your scratched furniture as well. Simply use a brush or a cotton ball for its application on the damaged surface.

Way 9

It is a good idea to use a paint that is darker in comparison to the base color of your furniture. For this, you can use any oil based artist paint.

Way 10

In the scratch area, you can even use a permanent ink marker so that the scratch is no more visible to the naked eye. You can get such markers either in an art shop or a hardware store.

So, get started with these DIY ways for furniture restoration to bring back the beauty of your damaged wooden pieces.

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