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Services We Offer

In Home Repair:

Our skilled technicians can perform basic repairs in the comfort of your own home
to accomodate your time constraints and needs particularly for when you’re moving
or for heavy office furniture.

Furniture Repair:

Our team of professional wood craftsmen care for furniture repairs ranging from tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, shelves and more while holding to the high standards of quality.

Furniture Restoration:

Our knowledge of antiques and fine furniture ensures your fine antiques and pieces will be handled with care and precision and brought back to their original quality and beyond.

Leather Repair:

With years of experience we offer in home leather repair for couches, chairs, ottomans and more vanishing even the most extreme tears and scratches.

Fabric Repair:

Regardless of your need our masterful repairmen can field fabric damages of any type.

Who We Service:

Renters | Home Owners | Movers | Offices | Insurance Providers | Pool Tables | Pianos

Areas of Service:

Houston, TX | San Antonio, TX | Westlake, TX | Lakeway, TX | George, TX | Round Rock, TX | Killeen, TX | Pflugerville, TX | Dallas, TX | Leander, TX | Hutto, TX

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Common Questions

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[accordion clicktoclose=true tag=h2][accordion-item title=”Do I have to deliver my furniture to your shop?” state=closed]No, we do 95% of all our repairs in our customers’ homes. This is a convenience factor that separates us from a lot of other repair companies. If the repair is too large to do in your home, we will also pick up and deliver once the piece is finished.[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”How much will it cost?” state=closed]We offer the very best competitive pricing, we do offer price matching but rarely need to. Your exact cost will depend on the particular repair you need, every repair is obviously different. [/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”How soon can you come out and do the repair? ” state=closed]We will be there as soon as we can or on the specific date and time you may need. We are very flexible and typically accommodate customer needs.[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”Will you make a mess at my house?” state=closed]Of course not, we wouldn’t receive such great reviews if we left a mess. Our techs are very courteous and mindful of your homes. If need be, they will do the repairs outside, cleaning up when they are finished. If it’s not a messy job, they can do it right in your living room.[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”How experienced are your technicians?” state=closed]They have over 15 years of experience fixing all types of furniture. There hasn’t been one repair or refinishing job we haven’t been able to handle.[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”I’m nervous about strangers in my home, can I trust the repair guy?” state=closed]All our technicians are family oriented and stand up people. In the many years we have been doing business I’m proud to say there have never been any customer issues with our techs. I would trust them babysitting my kids so you should have no trouble with them doing a quick repair.[/accordion-item][/accordion]