4 Most Effective Ways You Can Protect Wooden Furniture During Winter

As November approaches, Freezing temperatures and snow piles will start filling everywhere.

Texans are busy gearing up for the coldest month of the year with winter survival kits from warm clothing to warm blankets. Everything is ready.

However, the furniture that has been giving you warmth for so long, too, needs care. This article will mainly discuss wooden furniture that is more likely to get damaged during winter if not taken care of.

What Are The Effects Of Winter On Wood?

Wooden furniture is usually made with tough durability and is not prone to many changes. However, seasonal climatic effects might affect its texture adversely.

During winter, when the climate tends to be cold and dry, wood can get affected by the freezing waves and the lack of moisture in the air.

Wood tends to expand when hot and contracts when cold. During winter, the temperature falls much lower at night than during the day. This causes the wood’s constant expansion and contraction, resulting in the wood warping and cracking.

If immediate action is not taken, you might ultimately damage the piece with a large gap between the plywood panels.

Weather wearing is a natural phenomenon; you need not worry about it. However, it also doesn’t mean you do not act on it timely.

The quicker you act, the more you can prevent further damage.

Let’s move on to see what five most effective ways to protect wooden furniture during winter

Keep Heating Appliances Away From The Wood

It is bound to keep the heaters switched on for longer during winter. Heaters keep your home and you warm. Therefore, you will try to keep it on for longer.

However, this might not be good for your wooden furniture. Continuous exposure to heat might affect the wooden furniture adversely.

Heat exposure can dry out the wood and cause warping, so you should ensure that the heater, or any other appliance, is kept away from wooden furniture, especially antique wooden furniture pieces.

Coat A Good Quality Solution Over The Wooden Furniture To Protect It From External Damage

The external surface of your wooden furniture is prone to harmful factors. Therefore, if you cut the harm reaching the inner core by coating the outer surface of your wooden furniture, you can easily save your furniture from further damage.

You can use lemon oil and coat the entire piece of furniture with it. This oil is excellent and nourishes your furniture.

Clean Your Wooden Furniture As Regularly As You Can

Dust is something that accumulates on furniture surfaces no matter which floor you live on or which region you live in.

As the dust accumulates on the furniture surface, it can damage your wooden furniture with scratches.

Therefore, it is recommended to wipe out the dust as often as possible. A small cloth, preferably cotton, is sufficient for this cleaning.

Avoid Extreme Conditions

Extreme moisture and extreme dryness are both harmful to wooden furniture. Therefore, it is essential to maintain humidity levels on the toe.

Maintaining a humidity of 40-40% using a humidifier within homes is something you can do to maintain the right conditions for your wooden furniture.

However, ensure you keep the humidifier away from the wooden furniture.


We checked four critical solutions to prevent your furniture from damaging. It is better to keep the furniture away from AC, heaters, or humidifiers and not let them expose to any heating and cooling appliance directly. Regular cleaning, too, is a good solution.

However, despite all care, if somehow your furniture gets damaged, a furniture repair service is something you need the most.

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