Commonly Made Mistakes While Arranging Furniture (DIY Fixing Guide)

Properly Arranged Home Furniture

If you think that choosing something extraordinary out of a myriad of options in furniture was taxing, you are surely going to have a tough time while arranging it adequately. Let’s admit it, everyone has a vision in the mind for how they want their home decor to be. Right from the types of furniture to their alignment, you must have thought of everything, isn’t it? But, hold on! Are you sure of the fact that the way you are going to arrange the furniture is precise? Most of the times, people commit some grave furniture arraning mistakes, of course unintentionally, that leaves a negative impact on their decorative techniques. So, here are few of the mistakes that you must avoid while arranging the furniture.

Common mistakes committed by people while arranging home furniture

Wallflower Furniture

Perhaps, this is one of the most common mistakes that people commit. Just to make the room look bigger in size, it is not appropriate to push the furniture against the walls. Even if it does make it look bigger, there would be no point in arranging the stuff in such a way if you would have to shout to each other to make the conversation.

On the top of that, with every bit of furniture placed at the corners, the middle area turns out to be resounding. Instead of pushing all of the items against the wall, place some of them almost a foot away from them. In this way, you will get more conversational seating.

Not Considering Space Constraints

It’s true if your living room is small in size, it won’t grow up bigger magically overnight. Try to accept this fact and workout with the space that you have. Once you have got a hold on the knack of arranging things beautifully in a small area, nothing would be able to beat you to make your house look beguiling.

Talking about the living area, then you must ensure that your furniture has been arranged in such a way that it wouldn’t compel people to lean ahead, shout, or crane necks to talk to each other. So, when trying to make the area look ravishing, keep in mind that you put chairs and sofas in such a way that they would face each other.

If you have a big living room, then you can even consider putting two sets of sofas and chairs. After all, it wouldn’t harm at all, right? But, whatever you do, make sure that you don’t make it look stuffed or cramped.

Conventional Approach

Sticking to conventional arrangements may not do any harm, but it brings nothing but monotony in the house. After all, nobody told you that a living room is only meant for sofas and chairs, right? Considering the types of furniture available out there, you shouldn’t have any dearth of options to experiment with. So, it is always better to stay out of the box. Bring something new inside your doors and try experimenting with the alignment of things. It will surely provide an amazing and alluring effect.

Ignoring traffic flow in the space

If you don’t like traffic on the road, how can you tolerate it right in your house? The possibility is, your house may be cluttered more than the roads out there. So, while arranging the furniture, don’t just think about the placement, but also assess how people navigate around, enter and exit the room.

For example: In a living room, make sure there is enough space for people to get in and out, without dealing with the major block placed in the middle in the form of a center table.

Same goes for the other rooms. Don’t let your family members pass through a zigzag way just to reach one room from the other.

Don’t fade your room with poor lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects that draw an attractive appeal to the house. When talking about lighting, everything isn’t about light tubes and bulbs but natural lighting. It is very important to have an adequate number of sources that would allow the natural lighting in your house.

Don’t block it out with curtains or some other accessories. On the contrary, you can even modify the light by putting mirrors across to the light rays so that they bounce all around in the room.

And then, coming to the artificial source, consider keeping lamps around to enhance the lighting. Though it is good to have brightness in the house, but don’t make it so bright that it pierces the eyes. For that, you can even place dimmers in the ceiling to maintain the balance.

Don’t play the seesaw game in the house

Another common mistake that most people tend to commit is putting all the furniture in one particular side or corner. It not just makes everything look tilted but creates an off-balance as well. So, make sure that you avoid this and distribute the furniture evenly throughout the room.

It doesn’t matter whether the room has been constructed in a symmetry or not. All that matters is it doesn’t look stuffed up at one side and empty on the other. So, you can try putting things with the equal size at both the sides. So, stop shoving the furniture and start creating a balance to get the amazing look.

Window blocking is certainly not healthy for the home

As mentioned earlier, having natural lighting entering the house is one of the best things that can enhance the overall style of your interiors seamlessly. However, if people have more windows in the house, they tend to close it through certain things. Either they will put curtains or place beds in front to block them out.

Upon blocking the natural light, you wouldn’t be doing any good to the appearance but only making the room look packed, smaller, and dirtier. So, stop doing the tricks that would result in a bad appearance. This may include:

  1. Not hanging curtain rods too low
  2. Not putting up beds in front of the windows

Arranging a furniture keeping in mind only one activity

Most of the times, people don’t consider all the activities that would be going on in a room. For instance: If it is a living room, then they just take it as a room to usher in the guests and decorate it accordingly. But, what if you are also watching TV in your living room? Or, what if your children do homework by sitting in the living room? So, in such a situation, if a room experiences more than one activity, then keep the furniture accordingly.

Along with putting up sofas, you can even consider keeping a study table if your children study there. Likewise, keep the kind of furniture you think will create an appropriate ambiance. Just like this, you can create different environments for different rooms.

Ignoring what we really have?

Generally, people end up ignoring what they really possess, in terms of the stuff in the house and the area of the abode. If you have an apartment, you cannot expect to transform into a villa and vice versa. Also, most of the times, neglecting the stuff that you already have may lead you to unnecessary expenditure. So, try to align and decorate your house with what you already possess. It will not only save you from unnecessary buying but will also make your house look marvelous.


While you may think that arranging furniture in a proper way is not quite important, you might be leaving an important fact here that a house is nothing without an adequate and precise furniture. So, look around and try to assess your furniture arrangement as per the points mentioned above. Do you see the scope for changes? If yes, then get to the work. Also, keep in mind that restoring old furniture is one of the best ways to make your house look alluring without spending a penny on it.

If you think that it would be a tedious job, then you can take help from professionals, such as Austin Furniture Repair, who won’t only arrange the furniture in a right way but will also make your house look beautiful.

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