No need to lug your furniture to a shop, let our mobile service come to you.

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  • What's Our Clients Say

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    Rebecha H.

    Austin, TX

My experience was amazing. It was a very easy company to work with. I've actually used their services a couple times now. I call them, they typically answer right away, I'll send pictures of what I need repaired, they send a quote and then come a few days later to fix my furniture. What more can you ask for. Thanks Andrea and Guillermo for great service, my furniture looks and works like new!!!

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    Natasha R.

    Austin, TX

I've used Austin furniture repair to fix the legs on my broken couch as well scratches on my hardwood floor. Everything was smooth and effortless. I received a quote quickly and a 90 minute window for their service the next day. The technician, Guillermo was prompt, friendly, and did great work for both issues. All in all it was a surprisingly pleasant experience and I would use them again.

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    Kevin C.

    Austin, TX

I had family coming to town and called Austin Furniture Repair to have my couch fixed!!!! Even though I kinda wanted it to stay broken so my family wouldn't stay to long:) Anyways they were able to give me a price and get me scheduled the next day. The tech was amazing and fixed the whole frame on the couch so I didn't have to buy a new one. I will be using them again if I ever need anything repaired. Thanks!

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    Suchithra R.

    Austin, TX

I went with Austin Furniture Repair to fix our lazyboy recliner. the arm side of the recliner had broken wood from one of our moves. The repair guy the day after I called them and fixed it under 30 minutes. In fact as I observed the work I would say they made it more sturdy than the original on the other side. I am very happy with the work. I would definitely recommend them.

  • Common Questions

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  • Do I have to deliver my furniture to your shop?

    No, we do 95% of all our repairs in our customers’ homes. This is a convenience factor that separates us from a lot of other repair companies. If the repair is too large to do in your home, we will also pick up and deliver once the piece is finished.

  • How much will it cost?

    We offer the very best competitive pricing, we do offer price matching but rarely need to. Your exact cost will depend on the particular repair you need, every repair is obviously different.

  • How soon can you come out and do the repair?

    We will be there as soon as we can or on the specific date and time you may need. We are very flexible and typically accommodate customer needs.

  • Will you make a mess at my house?

    Of course not, we wouldn’t receive such great reviews if we left a mess. Our techs are very courteous and mindful of your homes. If need be, they will do the repairs outside, cleaning up when they are finished. If it’s not a messy job, they can do it right in your living room.

  • How experienced are your technicians?

    They have over 15 years of experience fixing all types of furniture. There hasn’t been one repair or refinishing job we haven’t been able to handle.

  • I’m nervous about strangers in my home, can I trust the repair guy?

    All our technicians are family oriented and stand up people. In the many years we have been doing business I’m proud to say there have never been any customer issues with our techs. I would trust them babysitting my kids so you should have no trouble with them doing a quick repair.