Top 7 Tools You Need to Have for Furniture Restoration

Furniture repair and restoration has become important skill today. With new innovations coming in housing and the traditional huge castles and bungalows transforming into compact urban-styled houses, we can now see the 21st-century modern homes and decors.
The interior is also changing with the compact houses; thus, furniture artisans are expected to become more skilled. In order to compensate for these skills, they need modern tools too.
A modern furniture repair and restoration tool set include a number of old and new equipment’s that have made the job of a furniture craftsman much easier.

Top 7 tools you should have in your furniture repair tool-kit

Measurement Tools

Before you start working on a furniture you need the proper measurements. You definitely do not wish to “pull a Joey” with that unproportionate huge cabinet that blocked doors.

Therefore, you need to take account of the measurements first.

A measuring tape is the first essential tool you will need.

Nowadays a variety of measurement tools like ice pick, 25-foot tape measure, Combination square, callipers, and more. You need the measurements handy along with the markings to saw it down!


Once done with the markings, now you need to cut the material. Saws too have a number of varieties in their types including Hacksaw, cabinet saw, coping saw, fretsaw etc.
It is a thin blade that cuts through a material especially, wooden furniture, which is cut along the edges.


Hammers are still a craftsman favourite. The heavy steel or iron body attached to a long wooden or steel stick is called the hammer.
Depending on the diameter of the screws, you will have to find the appropriate hammer size to match with the flat back side of a screw.


It is a stiff blade that is mostly used with utmost felicity. Various types of scrapers such as pull scraper, pull scraper blade, smooth-cut file, putty knife, and rubber spatula.
This tool helps with making single cuts that help remove the edgy extra work with gentle polish. Scrapers also help in providing final finishing touch to the piece of furniture.


You will find a number of electric operating drills that are a must to make equal size and perfectly right holes in the furniture to press in the screws.
The variable speed lets you start drilling slowly and then increase the drill RPMs as the drill catches in the wood or other material.

High-Quality Glue

Once the polishing is done, now is the time to stick two pieces of furniture together to get it into a proper furniture piece with the help of a good quality glue that is specifically used in furniture sticking.

Sanding Tools

Sanding tools include dowels, foam blocks, garden hose, and padded sanding blocks. These power tools are used to smoothen the rough surfaces appearing after smoother.

Once the saw and hammer works are done you can now finally polish and finishing the piece of furniture
A sanding tool polishes the surface to make the furniture piece stronger and


We have seen seven of the most popular furniture repair tools, without which any new furniture piece making or repairing the older one would be incomplete.
Furnishing your home with some of these tools in your tool kit is a must, whether you are fixing the chair at your home, or fitting the large bed for your client as a craftsman in a furniture repair tool.

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