5 Tips To Keep Your Wooden Furniture Well-Maintained For A Longer Time

Just like humans and pets, a piece of furniture too becomes a part of our home and family after a specific time. We develop feelings of comfort and emotions towards maybe a couch, a chair, or even a bed.

We start connecting our comfort to these lifeless things and thus get more and more comfortable around them.

However, there is a specific limited decided lifetime for every little thing in this world, and your wooden furniture is not an exception.
However, good quality furniture you have, with time, it is bound to damage. Wooden furniture especially is susceptible to scratches, abrasion, and wear and tear due to longer utilization.

Hence, it’s crucial to properly maintain and take care of your wooden furniture as long as possible.
Let’s take a quick look at what you can do to take good care of your wooden articles.

5 Tips You Should Know To Take Care Of Your Wooden Furniture

Strictly Follow The Default Instructions

Whenever you buy any new furniture, there are specific rules and guidelines prescribed by the maker on handling, cleaning, and caring for the piece of furniture.
It is not always possible to follow each and every word of those instructions, but make sure you take care of and try to obey the guidelines as much as possible.

Clean Regularly

This tip is actually not a tip but more like a commonly understood fact. The more we clean our surroundings, the more we keep away the airborne particles, dust, and dirt around us.

As you ignore this, more and more dirt will start accumulating over the surface, thus damaging the topmost layer and removing the natural lustre.
It is also not suitable for your pets and your health with the dirt thus accumulating.
Therefore, cleaning up the top layers frequently with a soft cloth is always advised.

Never Take Your Wooden Furniture For Granted

We all have a habit of placing any object over the furniture directly, without even realizing the bottom of that object might not be safe for the furniture.
Therefore, always place a coaster or a safety patch like a table cloth over the furniture before placing any coffee mug, glass, or pricky objects directly on the furniture.
This will reduce the stain marks and misuse of the furniture as well.

Prevent Natural adversely affecting Factors From Reaching Your Wooden Furniture

Several natural factors like rain and sunlight damage the quality of the furniture. You must value them and keep them away from direct sunlight, fireplaces, vents, etc., as the heat and light can affect your furniture life expectancy.

Keep Caring For Your Furniture And Ensure All The Ingredients Are Appropriately Utilized

As the furniture develops an unpleasant smell, it becomes hard to be around it.
Therefore, add fresh smell to the surrounding as and when possible.
A good fragrance can add value and life to even lifeless things. Painting or re-polishing the furniture can be a good idea for this.

Bonus Tip

Go For Furniture Repair And Restoration Once In A While

If you notice your furniture getting damaged, add up a layer of protection to it.

Furniture restoration is the process of restoring a piece of furniture to make it look as good as new. Alternatively, it also refers to preserving the piece of furniture, so it does not deteriorate further.

Restoration is a fundamental operation that entails cleaning the furniture’s surface of filth or dirt.

One of the most prevalent advantages of furniture restoration is that it saves time and money by transforming old furniture into brand new furniture. Besides, with the relaxing smell of new furnishings, your home will get its new freshness.

Restoration and refinishing of furniture have also been scientifically shown to lessen the environmental carbon footprint.
If you decide to go for furniture restoration, you can re-oil, repaint, and polish the wood as you need.


Only cleaning doesn’t help to keep the wooden furniture well-maintained.

You need to clean the surfaces regularly and that too with proper care.

Usually, cleaning with a wet cloth and a mild dish detergent helps. Once you have cleaned the surface with a damp cloth, be sure to wipe it off using a soft dry towel.
Try to keep your furniture as dry as possible. Do not place anything that might damage the topmost layer of your furniture.

Go for furniture restoration services once in a while. However, remember that furniture pieces are prone to damage even with the best care and maintenance.

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